5 Reasons Why You are Not Being Hired

Make your resume stand out by being specific with your qualifications and following all directions in the job posting. Finding legitimate home-based jobs is not difficult. The challenge is getting hired, and it’s not uncommon to apply for a job, but never even get a response back. There are many… Continue reading


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We are like this child when it comes to building a Social Network. Appreciation of others is the Key

  We are like this child when it comes to building a Social Network. Appreciation of others is the Key   A young man went to seek an important position at a large printing company. He passed the initial interview and was going to meet the director for the final… Continue reading

11 Ways To Stay Organized When You Work At Home

11 Ways To Stay Organized When You Work At Home   Staying productive while working at home requires creating a workspace, staying semi-formal, and creating a schedule that includes breaks.         When you decided to become a work from home mom, you imagined how productive you would… Continue reading

Earn a Full-Time Income as a Part-Time Affiliate Marketer

You don't need business experience, savvy technical skills, or personal experience to become an affiliate marketer. With the right education, tools, guidance and implementation, almost anybody who’s serious can get it running and can begin earning legitimate, dependable money. Most of us stay at home mums would agree that we… Continue reading

Psalm 91

As I am posting this, the Lord has said to me, we are in that last calm before a storm of Biblical proportions are gathering to rage across this country. In that revelation, I pray to my Father in Heaven to cover Markethive and all who abide within, in His… Continue reading

Characteristics of a social entrepreneur

A social entrepreneur is someone who has decided to undertake a venture that is aimed at tackling societies most pressing problems, like famine and climate change. A social enterprise could be a nonprofit or profit business model. Two people often associated with social entrepreneurship are Blake Mycoskie, CEO of Tom’s… Continue reading

9 Nodding Strategies for Your Next Meeting

How to appear thoughtful and engaged without saying a word.  You've got a bunch of meetings coming up, but do you have your nodding strategy ready?  A solid nodding strategy could mean the difference between seeming like you understand what's going on and losing a job.  More seasoned professionals may… Continue reading

4 Ways to Spread a Tweet Beyond Your Audience

If you want to build your Twitter audience, spam isn't going to get you there. The key to connecting with potential followers is to offer something useful such as a tip, laugh, or link. If you aren't constantly talking about your product or service, you can establish a relationship based… Continue reading

The Only One Skill That, If You Have, Will Completely Change Your Life

We all look for the key recipe for the success. The secret element which will make all the difference. The only true answer doesn’t exist. There’re plenty of skills which once mastered would change your life completely (This article originally appeared on Growthzer). However, a skill that I believe is… Continue reading