1968 Has Been Rebooted

Sports and politics are colliding. On one side, Colin Kaepernick speaks out. On the other, Donald Trump’s rhetoric finds Dwyane Wade.    month ago, Donald Trump’s campaign announced it was rebooting 1968. With Nixonian gusto, Trump would push the idea that crime in America was out of control, that our inner… Continue reading

American Imperialism (corruption and Obama) has finally destroyed America

Barack Obama may have finally destroyed America’s #1 advantage In July 1944, just weeks after the successful Allied invasion of Normandy, hundreds of delegates from around the world gathered in Bretton Woods, New Hampshire to determine the future of the global financial system. The vision was simple: America would be… Continue reading

Market-Network: A New Type of Business Model

Market-Network: A New Type of Business Model Social network. Marketplace. SaaS. These buzzwords are no longer synonyms of massive business opportunities. The gold rush has already happened. But a new business model has emerged. Market-networks are hybrid animals: part social network, part marketplace, part SaaS. [1] It’s a social network.… Continue reading

When Markethive discovered herself

From Social Networks to Market Networks   Markethive is a full suite “Inbound Marketing” platform integrated with a full scale “social network” targeting the 800 million “Entrepreneur” global populations. Like Facebook meets Pardot. This new revolution of the next wave of progressions is known as Market Networks, compared to the… Continue reading

There Is No Such Thing As Flexible Work

Technology was meant to herald a new way of working anytime, anywhere – but that’s not the case. Original article by Georgina Kenyon We didn’t get the flying cars or the self-lacing shoes. But we did get the work world of the future – you know, the one where the internet allows… Continue reading

The Reach aka Blog Casting

Understanding the Markethive blog and cloud Markethive did not invent the blog, but we certainly have made it exponentially more powerful.  We certainly have added fun, understanding, reach, groups, daily workshops, understanding and power to the process. Markethive has successfully combined all the technical and tactical aspects and requirements into… Continue reading