The Ultimate Marketing Machine

  The Ultimate Marketing Machine Tools and strategies  In the past decade, what marketers do to engage customers has changed almost beyond recognition. With the possible exception of information technology, we can’t think of another discipline that has evolved so quickly. Tools and strategies that were cutting-edge just a few… Continue reading

Learn Advantages for an Entrepreneur

Learn Advantages for an Entrepreneur                       For an entrepreneur who chooses to build a business in an existing business ecosystem, participating as a member of an ecosystem may offer the following advantages: 1. Market entry barrier reduction: joining an existing… Continue reading

8 SEO Mistakes to Avoid

All search engine marketers are trying desperately to promote trends Especially the trends that are aligned with traditional digital marketing. SEO is immensely important to enhance key to improving your website’s visibility, driving more traffic and better conversion rates. The first thing one can do as an internet marketer is… Continue reading

Is your website ready for Google’s mobile update in May?

It has been widely reported by Search Engine Land, Techcrunch, and others that Google is planning a new update to their algorithm regarding mobile-friendliness.  Mobile web traffic now exceeds traffic from desktop users, so Google is emphasizing how important it is that websites have the ability to display information correctly… Continue reading

7 Tips For An Authentic And Productive Writing Process

7 Tips For An Authentic And Productive Writing Process   Richard Tipsword, Contributor   Does this sound familiar? You’re sitting in front of your laptop, staring at a blank screen. The deadline for the article you need to write is approaching, and you’re struggling to get started when you should… Continue reading

Who Are You Really Marketing To?

  "…25-30 year old single women with annual incomes over $75,000, who live in San Diego, who like to shop…So if we are pretending we’re a clothing store, these might be some of the questions we should ask: Where do they shop? What magazines do they subscribe to? What blogs… Continue reading

Become The Best Blogger

Become The Best Blogger. Is it necessary to have a goal to become the best blogger in your niche? Is content marketing something that the public on the web is seeking? Many have asked that questions about the value of content marketing and wondered if it is limited to a… Continue reading

Entrepreneurial Skills Needed To Effectuate Positive Social Marketing Changes

There is a distinct dissonance regarding the behavior and social change espousements between people who believe that all marketing is evil and those who believe marketing has some redeeming qualities for the good. This diversity of opinion gets played out in program planning meetings, conferences, policy debates and resource allocations… Continue reading