Getting your web site noticed on Google does not take a degree in marketing or search engine optimization. However, it does take some effort on your part. Google does not just go out, find your site and rank it in the number one position just because it looks great. As a matter of fact, a lot of great looking web sites will never be found when doing searches.

One means of search engine optimization (SEO) that works really well is blog posting. Although exceptional results are achievable, consistency is the key. You must post to your blog on a consistent basis, daily works best. That said, once you’ve reached that targeted position on Google (for your keyword), posting once a week seems to maintain the position you have achieved.

According to Scott Van Achte, Senior SEO at StepForth Web Marketing Inc., “an established blog that is updated regularly gets spidered by Google often, and increases the chances of new search rankings considerably. I have seen multiple situations where regularly updated blogs wind up ranking #1 in Google for relevant phrases literally within a couple hours of posting. It usually takes a well established web site and blog to make this happen, but there is big potential if you do things the right way.” [1]

What does posting to a blog have to do with getting your web site to the top of Google?

First and foremost, or a least the way I see it, is back links. A well written blog, not only may rank well, but will also get you free one way links to your web site. Individuals reading your blog may add a link to their blog, and if you have strategically placed a link to your web site within your post, you will get an additional link back to your web site. Since Google takes back links into consideration when choosing which sites to rank higher than others, back links play an important part.

Not only will the additional back links increase your ranking on Google, they can also produce more traffic to your web site. People reading a well written article tend to click on the link to learn more. A lot of visitors will either return to your site to get additional information, or send the link to a friend or family member they know has been looking for the information you are providing.

Blogs are a great resource when it comes to SEO, and blogs can cover a plethora of industries. Blogs do not have to take a lot of time, once they are setup, and the initial postings have been put in place.

There are a lot of ways to generate posts. However, one of the easiest, that I’ve found, is to comment on articles that I’ve read. This form of editorializing works really well, as long as you give credit to the original author. It’s also a great way for someone new at blog posting to get started.

So find an article, and write a editorial, or comment, about that article. Getting started is the hardest part, but everyone has to take that first step. Start increasing your web site ranking today. Really, search engine optimization is not that difficult.

Jeffrey Sloe
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