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Vemma Leads, Are You Buying Them?

Vemma’s® unique global wellness philosophy delivers a results driven product. Vemma® is an established, family-owned company with ten’s of thousands of satisfied monthly consumers, and world class customer service.

Vemma® is an excellent company, but like many other MLM or Networking companies the structure is set up to create huge costs on the distributors and little on the company. These companies try to let the individuals think that they are in their own business, then encourage them to spend their own money in marketing to attract their own customers. This forces the so called “new business owner” to spend their own money for leads or reverse marketing systems in hopes of bringing in new distributors. Throughout this whole process the marketing cost for Vemma® is minimal.

Also companies like Vemma® are not equipped to sell to the end user (the person consuming the products), but expect the distributor to do the job for them. This is very difficult since advertising and marketing can be very expensive. The traditional way of acquiring customers is to purchase leads. The independent reps then have to cold call the leads, and try to get people interested in their company or products. Another strategy is to bring in friends and family to the business and hopefully they will do the same. The end result of these combined strategies is rejection and a very small percentage of people signing up. If these particular strategies worked the majority of people entering a MLM or network marketing business would be highly successful. Instead they are not!

Buy Customers Not Vemma Leads?

There is a new business model that eliminates all of the excessive expense and allows its business affiliates to purchase customers, individuals that are consuming the products. When purchasing a customer incentive lead the business affiliate begins to derive commissions from that customer right away. No MLM or network marketing company is allowed to sell directly to the consumer; products must go through the company’s independent distributors. The company bears the expense of customer acquisition by having mechanisms in place that sell to the customer. The company then passes the customer onto their business affiliates for considerably less than the cost of a sold lead.

Although Vemma® and many other MLM or Network Marketing Companies have good products their systems are usually lacking structure, with regards to enabling their distributors to create substantial revenue. If you would like to learn about buying customers instead of leads, I would like to invite you to a live online meeting. You can hear and see a presentation on how the system works. If you’re interested, please go to and sign up. You will receive an email with the password to get into our Saturday meeting.

If you have any desire to have a successful Internet business, DO NOT pass up this opportunity. The presentation is free and informative! I have looked at many different business models, but I have never seen one as user friendly as this before. This business model surely is for the “little guy”. If you’re still interested after attending the meeting, please feel free to contact me. I will explain this opportunity to you further.

Jeffrey Sloe, Internet Marketing Advisor
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